At Ember, we believe in more than just jewelry. We're part of something bigger; a community of artists and enthusiasts who share a deep commitment to the art of piercing and body modification. Our Pro Team is where we shine a spotlight on the extraordinary piercers who not only excel in their craft, but also wholeheartedly believe in our mission. These talented individuals are the embodiment of Ember's values, as they create stunning, innovative work while prioritizing safety and professionalism. Explore our team members to get inspired and learn more about the passionate individuals who are elevating the world of body jewelry and piercing.

Margo Dellaquila

Sweet Leaf Body Arts

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Ember has quickly become one of our favorite jewelry brands to stock and work with! Our clientele tends to gravitate towards jewelry pieces that are not only delicate, but also timeless; which Ember absolutely delivers. Everything in their collection can be so easily mixed & matched together which makes them perfect for clients looking for an easy, cohesive set up. It's clear that these are pieces made with ear styling in mind. I especially love that Ember maintains their high quality while keeping things budget friendly. There's basically something for everyone!"


Afton Seiger

Texas Sun

Atlantic Beach, Florida

"Ember Body Jewelry’s beautiful and delicate designs have filled a significant void in my jewelry case and my customers piercings. Ryan really came out swinging when he launched Ember. His approach to styling carries over in the jewelry designs. Not only do the creative cut combinations call to everyone but they offer more options to clients with a more unique anatomy. Ember speaks to maximalists, minimalists and those in between. The quality is top notch. High polish, high shine and perfect pins. Thank you Ryan for sharing a part of your creativity with us through Ember Body Jewelry. There’s always room in my jewelry case for more!"


Marilyn Mena Scott

Paloma Piercing

Phoenix, Arizona


Brittani Pygeorge

Bpyes World Piercing

Walnut Creek, California


Marissa Young

Inksomnia Tattoo and Piercing

Alpharetta, Georgia


Emma Belisle

Emma Body Art

Reykjavik, Iceland


Mike Leijs

Shot of Ink

Sint Willebrord, Netherlands

"I came in contact with Ryan at the APP conference in Las Vegas. After the event he said he was working on his own jewelry brand. I immediately told him that I’d love to work with his jewelry once he was ready to ship them. I never knew what kind of impact Ember body jewelry would have in my studio. Clients love the designs, and I love to tell clients about how amazing that guy from Ember jewelry is. Big love for all people involved in making this amazing brand!"


Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Hương

Wormy Piercing

Hanoi, Vietnam

"Extraordinary is what first came into my mind when seeing Ember Jewelry’s pieces, and I definitely had to bring them to my studio! Having a passion for the piercing industry, it’s an honor to work with Ember. The pieces are made with creativity and uniqueness that can't be found in other brands. The way Ember turns precious metal into art pieces is marvelous! For us, this is a chance to introduce a line of jewelry built with creativity, luxury, and modernity that could satisfy all of our clients, even the pickiest."


Gigi Garnier

La p'tite Rebelle

West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

"My name is Gigi! I have a fine jewelry and piercing studio on the Belgian coast that specializes in dainty and minimalistic ear curations. This focus made Ember Body Jewelry a great addition to the studio, and no surprise, it became my top-selling brand very fast."


CeCe Sin

Since Studio

Kowloon, Hong Kong

"Ember’s exquisite and stunning jewelry has speedily gained popularity with our customers. The delicate details fascinated us as they not only shine individually, but also match well in different combinations. We love designing stylish looks for our customers with the unique pieces from Ember. I feel so honored to have become a member of the Pro Team and can’t wait to create more wonderful memories for our customers with Ember’s products."


Ava LaBeija

November Piercing

Dordrecht, Netherlands

Before Ember Body Jewelry launched, I was already mesmerized by Ryan’s approach to styling: with an eye for detail, delicate pieces and timeless glamour with an edge, his portfolio was one of my favorite sources of inspiration to show my clients. Fast forward to the Association of Professional Piercers’ annual Conference in Las Vegas, where I received a hand-delivered box with goodies that flew off the shelves within the first week of displaying them. No soft launch, no announcements, no social media posts: between hundreds of pieces, my clients kept gravitating towards the dainty and the dangly. That’s when I knew I had found something special. From sturdy pins to a perfect polish and from cute little jewelry pouches to must-have stickers that come with your order; Ember has the It-Factor that many brands aspire to, and it feels completely natural and organic. The bar’s been set pretty high for a detail-oriented styling enthusiast like myself, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Mina Fasula

Paloma Piercing

Phoenix, Arizona